Our new eco-printer: all the colours of sustainability

Sustainable fashion requires much decision making and Goretti puts its best energy to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for brands in their transition towards sustainability.

Today we would like to tell you about our latest decision for the sake of sustainability: the acquisition of a new eco-printer, which joined our high-tech machine fleet. Choosing sustainable digital printing means making the difference in terms of environmental sustainability while preserving the applications’ quality and their competitiveness.

High-perfomance eco printing is a natural choice - both for environment and creativity.

Goretti’s new Kornit Avalanche HD6 eco-printer is a modern tool which helps creativity break free through the realisation of surprising hexacrome printing, ideal on natural fabrics (especially on clothes), but also on leather and footwear. All printed fabrics and products can be further enriched with applications realised through other techniques.

Kornit Avalanche HD6 ensures excellent quality printing on a variety of fabrics and items of clothing, both light and dark, with a stunning wide range of more vivid colours and brighter white over time. This innovation represents a natural option since its technology is particularly suited to natural fibres such as cotton, linen, canvas, denim, jersey, fleece, and knit fabric. We can define as ‘natural fabrics’ all those fabrics which do not contain silicones (or contain them only in very small proportion).

Water-based pigment inks

The printer uses NeoPigment™ Eco-Rapid water-based ecological inks: these inks were specifically designed and developed by Kornit (the company which produces the printer) for this printing technology and ensure a significantly reduced consumption if compared to standard solutions, as well as lower printing costs.

Six colours plus white: the wonders of hexachromy

Unlike classic printers that use four-colour printing, the new machine can perform hexachrome printing, thus adding green and red to the traditional four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), plus white. This technique improves chromatic richness and saturation, as well as image fidelity and colour stability: colours stay more vivid and brighter, and white is brighter too.

Reduced times and no constraints for minimum production

Compared to screen printing, the new technology guarantees reduced times and a better efficiency. Moreover, you don’t need to have big production batches to start printing.

Certified Eco printing

The new Kornit printer is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and obtained the OEKO-TEXT ECO PASSPORT, thus meeting global standards in terms of sustainability and ‘sustainable fashion’.

The new 2023 Sustainability Report is about to be published

Everyone in Goretti shares the same drive towards evolution. Day after day, the company strives to find new digital and technological solutions to reach important and intertwined targets: improving company efficiency, increasing product and application quality and – last but not least – reaching a higher level of sustainability. We are already working on our new Sustainability Report, through which we will set new targets to reach.

The report will be published in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, we are at your disposal if you wish to paint your new collection with ECO inks and make a printing test!

Would you like to learn more and ask us for a printing test? Just contact us.

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