People’s skills are Goretti’s greatest asset and the guiding light of the company’s business activity.

Goretti’s team has a deep knowledge of the whole sector production chain and a wide know-how which – beyond trimmings and accessories – also encompasses pattern making and leather manufacturing. Such consolidated skills are the result of a decades-long experience, integrated by the acquisition of new talents.

In this, we are driven by our determination to constantly invest in training.

sales office
applicazione produzione borchie ABS

Goretti’s sales team is a reliable presence for both style and production offices of our customers’ brand houses. Such a direct contact rests on collaborations consolidated through time and a mutual trust built in long-term relationships. On the other side, we welcome every week in our headquarters numerous managers or whole office teams who come to visit us from the brands we work with.

Our sales office liaises directly with our pattern department, style studio and production office to respond to the customer’s needs with highly technical competence and great availability, thus providing a real project management service, from the initial prototyping up to the fitting and production.

Our team’s listening skills, along with its experience, results in timely and effective solutions about how to manufacture a new product.

syle studio

A creative heart beats inside Goretti and its partner companies: it is Èstro Lab, Goretti’s in-house style studio, which acts as an extension of the brands’ style offices.

estro lab ufficio

Èstro Lab provides a valuable support for our customers: thanks to a wide expertise in leather goods, footwear and clothing, the studio’s professional female team transforms our customers’ thematic or technical requests into the best processings possible, always respecting the identity, features and stylistic needs of every brand.

Pattern department

In order for style innovation to happen, ideas must be turned into tangible shapes: Goretti’s Pattern Department is made up by a young and dynamic team with a deep knowledge of the fashion world and able to transform the ideas of our customers and style studio into real projects, mastering even the most special requests.

taglio incisione laser
marketing and communication

Working in synergy with the style studio, our Marketing and Communication office promotes and shares – both inside and outside the company – highly meaningful solutions. Our Marketing and Communication office acts a link between Goretti’s different departments as well as between the network partners’ style studios. Furthermore, it communicates with the surrounding territory and local associations, with which Goretti cooperates to add value to its products and bring together the company’s life and the local community.


Our Marketing and Communication team aims at offering an authentic and concrete strategy conveying the company’s distinctive values through purpose-driven contents and a coherent and polished aesthetic.

What’s more, our Marketing and Communication office also plays a crucial role in Goretti’s participation to sectoral exhibitions, working to involve the stand visitors in an immersive experience where our top quality processings become the springboard for an emotional journey, one which gives our customers the opportunity to take their time and collect essential information for their work.


When it comes to manufacturing, Goretti relies on a production department able to successfully manage large volumes, yet remaining extremely flexible.

The company adopted a fluid production layout which allows it to change quickly in order to respond to market needs.

Moreover, in order not to slow down production and to ensure an efficient and fast prototype analysis, a whole department is dedicated to the prototyping process in all its steps, from the ones ascribed to the style studio to the ones related to pattern making and production aspects, with the support of a part of the production department.