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Goretti distinguishes itself for the wide variety of techniques it adopts in its processing and which can be combined to create very rich and complex solutions

This translates into the highest customisation level for our customers and into the opportunity to find innovative and unexpected solutions. Thanks to the skills (link to the page) of our specialised teams, our customers are supported through all the project stages, from the first, rough idea up to finishing.

Rhinestones studs and stones

  • Hotfix trims termoadesivo

    Rhinestones and crystal rocks - only and exclusively Swarovski, Preciosa and Premium Korean Quality - and details such as studs can be applied by heat-sealing on the most diverse fashion accessories to enrich them: footwear, leather goods and clothing.

    This process is particularly suitable for materials such as suede, split leather and fabrics.

  • Abs trims abs

    Unlike metal studs, plastic studs made in ABS offer the advantage of being light and versatile.  They are lighter than metal studs and can be painted in the most varied finishes, from metallic and pastel shades to iridescent and fluorescent or even transparent colours. They can be used to create fashion trims suitable for any kind of material. 

    Together with Mabel, the network company specialised in plastic moulding, Goretti is able to realise a wide and customisable range of shapes, sizes and colours (hemispheres, spheres, pyramids, cones, truncated cones, etc.), thus leaving designers more room for creativity.

  • Claw trims

    Claw and/or rivet studs and rhinestones are particularly suitable for materials such as top grain leather, nappa leather, laminates, double fabrics and thick fabrics. These small metal trims - painted or with galvanic finishes - allow to create a variety of fashion accessories with customized effects.

     They are applied by automatic and semiautomatic machines, under the careful eyes of our specialist operators.

  • Rivet trims

    Metal and plastic fashion trims such as studs, rhinestones, pearls (ABS pearls without holes) and stones can also be applied by riveting, a process performed by our operators with the aid of semi-automatic machines.  Rivets offer an excellent alternative suitable for all kinds of materials, not only for light and thin fabrics.

  • Sewn stones pietre cucite

    To support every creative inspiration of our customers and help them make the magic of details happen, we also apply sewn stones. We do that with the highest level of precision, to enrich and make wardrobes shine. Our sewn stones combine timeless materials with a contemporary style to create precious patterns that bring even more value to products of all complexity levels.


  • UV Led printing

    We print on fabrics and all kind of materials for fashion garments and accessories - an opportunity for our customers to achieve the high customisation and graphic distinction required by contemporary fashion. This is possible thanks to our UV LED printers, which ensure the highest definition and productivity. Thanks to ultraviolet rays, these printers can set ink on all materials with high resolution standards (printing resolution up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi; four-colour printing generates extremely precise results, with uniform and soft nuances): thanks to this technology, we are able to print images of outstanding quality on any type of surface (leather, fabrics, etc.).  UV LED printers generate minimal heat, therefore they allow direct printing even on heat-sensitive materials, without deforming the substrate.

  • Sublimation printing stampa per sublimazione

    Sublimation printing is a very versatile technique to add dynamic and creative graphic features to fashion garments and items. It’s a kind of indirect printing: when heated, heat sensitive sublimation inks change from a solid state to a gas state (a transition called sublimation) and this process allows to permanently paint the surface of the chosen substrate.

    Items printed with this technology are easy to wash both in washing machines and by hand; the printed image is scratch-resistant and doesn’t fade, preserving the item's details and value in the long term.

  • ECO printing

    When fashion meets sustainability, no one can resist the charm of natural fabrics. Sustainable fashion is a much desirable trend - because the Earth calls for it. And so does style. To print creative patterns on organic fabrics, we use a printer with special NeoPigment™ inks, water-based, eco-friendly inks without heavy metals and 100% toxin-free. Our ECO printing is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Quick prototyping and testing

  • 3D printing stampa 3D

    Thanks to 3D printing, prototypes come to life in a heartbeat, giving our customers the possibility to hold a first, tangible shape of their ideas in a matter of hours! Starting from the customer's idea, we first create a render of it and then a resin prototype of their customised accessories.

    This process significantly speeds up the initial prototyping phase, thereby generating considerable cost and time savings.

    What’s more, 3D printing can also be used for small production batches of fashion accessories, always ensuring both shape and colour (with the same finishes offered for ABS items) customization.

  • Test laboratory

    To ensure the highest quality and durability of our products and trimmings, we have equipped an in-house test laboratory: there, we check the hold and possible oxidation of the components we use in our trimmings (through bending tests and tests in climatic chambers under different temperature and atmospheric conditions), and also of the applications themselves.

Cutting and Engraving

  • Laser cutting and Engraving taglio e incisione laser

    Laser cutting lets fashion design unfold its whole potential: it has infinite creative applications and, combined with other techniques, can give life to unique products. Thanks to our dedicated laser centre, we decorate, perforate and cut leather and fabrics with the highest level of precision, while laser engraving lets us bring creativity on leather. Moreover, thanks to laser cutting we are able to produce in-house the templates we need for our processings - a crucial aspect to best safeguard the customer’s design privacy.

  • Water cutting taglio ad acqua

    With more delicate leather and fabrics, and especially with pale coloured ones, water cutting offers a valuable alternative to manufacture creative decorations and realise design ideas. This technique ensures all the advantages of a neat and precise cut, leaving out the disadvantages of laser cutting.

Embroidery and Sewing

  • Hand Embroidery and Sewing ricami e cuciture a mano

    Hand embroidery is an ancient craft and a decoration technique which is today more and more appreciated and requested by style studios. Starting from a draft, a picture or a technical drawing, the skilled and expert hands of our embroiderers are able to give life to all the shapes and ideas imagined by our customers, even the most contemporary ones coming from the bold creativity of young designers. Technical assistance is provided during the whole sample realisation phase, along with the opportunity to always find new solutions thanks to the great expertise of our team.

    In particular, Goretti  produces embroideries and applications with handmade sewn rhinestones, stones, stones with setting, pearls and  beads and also very complex embroidered pictures with sewn stones. These can be applied on all kinds of fabrics and on mignons and also mixed with other trimmings such as weaves, torchon lace and sewn or by-hand inserted chains.

    For hand sewing we use traditional sewing machines - both flat and post bed sewing machines - and it is also possible to realise small joining works. Hand sewing can be mixed with machine sewing: this combination allows to achieve always new results with a high level of customisation and innovation.

  • Machine Embroidery and Sewing ricami e cuciture a macchina

    At Goretti, we are able to create very rich embroideries and decorations which can then be integrated on the fashion item. This is possible thanks to our Tajima machine (a multi-head, TMCR-TE machine), which, along with stitching, is specialised in embroidery, also with beads and sequins: a top technology able to support the realisation of even the boldest and most avant-garde ideas. Once ready, the embroidery can also be applied on a completely different fabric, thus becoming a real application.

    Machine stitching and punching, also with very thick threads, are made possible by another Tajima machine (PAX series), designed to sew special stitching to obtain various effects such as matelassé. Machines from the PAX series are designed to carry out intense production cycles on leather and upholstered covers with up to nine colours on the same panel and allow to easily switch from a thick thread to a fine and thin embroidery work without needing to replace the material.

  • Automated special Stitchings cuciture speciali automatizzate

    At Goretti there’s almost no limit to creativity: automated special stitchings - perfect to work with very thick substrates such as leather (skins and suede) - are realised by sewing machines with rotating heads, also with thick threads. These machines let the stitches follow curved lines without interruption, with all kind of writings or patterns. 

    Another advantage of this machine lies in its versatility: it is possible to work with three different thread titles (thickness value of the thread); moreover, it is possible to work on substrates with different heights on the same panel and even sew zigzag stitches. It is also possible to work on substrates with trims applied on them, such as rhinestones and buckles: the machine is able to skip them or go around them.

    To achieve the highest precision possible (to the tenth of a millimetre) and a very high quality, the leather is interlocked and secured on the panel with special fixings.

    Moreover, the watchful eye of our operators is able to detect and correct possible small imperfections due to the natural variability of the leather, letting us maintain the highest quality standard possible.

Welt manufacturing and accessories

  • Rouns strips and Mignons

    Following a long craft tradition and relying on a deep knowledge of every production step in the sectors of footwear, leather goods and fashion accessories, we manufacture round strips and mignons (folded strips joined at the middle), which we can deliver in long lenghts, both in leather and synthetic material. Thickness and width are customisable. Moreover, our mignons and round strips can be doubled with inner flat, round half-round cores. It is also possible to add rhinestones, hotfix studs and other trims.  We sew our round strips, which we can manufacture in different dimensions, with or without padding or foam.

  • Glazing

    Glazing is a leather treatment that adds extra value to the final product. Glazed leather can be given different finishes (round, flat, contrasting, fluo) according to the customer’s needs. To glaze leather, the leather is rubbed by a machine equipped with a hard and smooth stone. The pressure and friction of the stone on the top grain leather seal the leather pores and stretch its fibres, thus giving the material a long-lasting and natural gloss.

  • Accessories

    Our specialised team can develop and offer highly customised solutions for fashion accessories such as buckles, bows, flowers, tassels and weaves. These are just a few examples of a very versatile range of handcrafted and extremely accurate solutions, which have always been part of Goretti’s core identity. Keeping in constant dialogue with our customers, we always aim at offering them the best fitting solutions for their needs.

Weaves and Textile arts

  • Handmade Weaves intrecci a mano

    Handmade weaves are the expression of very ancient traditions. Taking care of every detail and knowing how to choose fine colours and original shapes are key skills to create beautifully crafted handmade weaves. Our handmade weaves are realised on a jig or template. They can be created with mignons, leather or synthetic leather round strips, strips, cotton and raffia.  The weave can also be enriched with other trims, such as rhinestones, sewn pearls or hotfix trims.

  • Macramè

    Macramè is an ancient knotting technique. Its name comes from the Arabic word Mahrama, which means ‘fringe’, and Rame, which means ‘knot’: macramé works are realised by weaving knots without using any tool. Macramè works are realised entirely by hand.

  • Knitting

    Knitting is a very ancient technique carried out with knitting needles. Linen, cotton, jute, wool, and viscose are the most suitable materials for this handmade technique.

  • Crochet

    Crochet is a knitting technique which consists in weaving a fabric made of loops of yarn; the tool used in this craft is called crochet needle (or hook). Crochet works can be crafted with every kind of yarn, from raffia to cotton and twine. The technique's name comes from the French crochet.


  • Embossing embossing

    Embossing, which means creating a low relief on a surface, is the perfect technique to highlight a brand logo or a brandmark. A valuable ally to enrich the item with an original touch. At Goretti we realise handmade embossed works to give a three-dimensional and elegant effect to the decorations, pictures, patterns and textures conceived by the designer. Embossing can also be enriched by fine details realised with other techniques, such as laser cutting, stitching, studs and rhinestones application.


Goretti’s techniques can be integrated with the ones provided by its partners: a network made up of excellent companies which work independently, yet connected.

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