Innovation is a guiding star for Goretti, a key value in the company action.

To us, innovating means: always investing in cutting-edge machinery; evolving in process managing and organisation (Disaster Recovery, warehouses); shaping new ways of applying traditional techniques through the combination of know-how and creativity;


Goretti constantly invests in expanding and upgrading its manufacturing machines to be always at the forefront in terms of technology and successfully face the changes and requests of the very dynamic market of fashion.

Our cutting-edge machinery also allows us to pursue another major aim of our times, that’s to say interconnection: this means enabling machines to communicate with each other and integrating them with the production management system to foster the digitalisation of production.  This improves efficiency and trains our team in new skills.

As a final result, this also leads to offer a more and more customised and insourced (always providing the highest confidentiality) service – two essential aspects for customers in fashion industry.

Digital company

At Goretti, technology innovation relies more and more on the digitalisation of the company processes and on Cybersecurity.

Hardware and software cutting-edge technologies make it possible to integrate our production department with the company management software for an improved efficiency and process simplification.

Moreover, seven vertical warehouses with an automated logistic and stock monitoring system ensure the highest responsiveness and speed when it comes to material supply, both for sample creation and products’ manufacturing.

As for Cybersecurity, Goretti strongly invests on disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure the most complete protection of our customers’ data.

Modernising traditional techniques

Innovating and being creative – leaning on experience – also means being ready to look at traditional techniques from a different perspective, thus finding new ways of applying well established methods. This helps responding to the requests of the ever-changing world of fashion.

When it comes to competition, it’s the hands – which embody Goretti’s craftmanship -, insight, competence and passion of our people what still makes us stand out.