Goretti: the partner for increasingly Sustainable collections

pannello eco-friendly

Joining fashion and sustainability is an increasingly important issue. Goretti has been collaborating with the most renowned fashion luxury brands for many years now and is thus concretely committed to supporting them in their efforts to develop more sustainable collections, siding with them in the industry’s major challenge of using green materials and techniques to create collections with the same aesthetic value as usual.

As a matter of fact, due to its vocation for excellence, the fashion industry is involved at any level in addressing the contemporary issue of sustainability. Fashion brands cannot address such a change without the support of their partners and suppliers: only working together towards the common goal of sustainability can the industry achieve a completely transparent and circular business model.

Goretti, today a Benefit society, is a most reliable partner to have at your side in the sustainability challenge: our commitment towards a greener industry consists of concrete actions which rest on investments in all the company activities – and every one in our team is determined to be part of the change. We described all the many actions we have already taken and our future goals in our Sustainability Report.

Our 100% eco-friendly solution

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to offer a 100% eco-friendly solution. This is the result of our constant research and innovation in the field of sustainable components, materials and fabrics.

pannello eco-friendly


Together with Mabel (Goretti’s network partner specialised in the production of fashion plastic components), we have long been investing in research for the development of eco-friendly components. Currently, intense research is being carried out into the functional and creative uses of bioplastics in the fashion industry. This material has some technical features which deserve great attention, such as its typically matte finish which makes it possible to obtain a matte effect without further processing.

All these efforts led to the development of Mabel bio-based studs: polyester-based studs consisting of around 50-60% of renewable raw materials and 100% biodegradable, as certified by TUV Austria.

Materials and fabrics

In recent times, the fashion industry has also been focussing on another major field for sustainability: textile innovation. As a matter of fact, material production and processing are responsible for most of the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

The search for an alternative to traditional leather attracts the greatest energy spent for innovation (due to the greenhouse gas emissions attributed to livestock farming), along with the elimination of harmful substances in the cultivation and production of natural fibres, yarns and fabrics, and the efforts to reduce the environmental impact of synthetic material production.

For its eco-friendly collections, Goretti relies on some sustainable fabrics, whose features wait to be discovered and experimented with!

pannello eco-friendly

– Orange Fiber, is a fabric produced from the waste left after the industrial pressing of citrus fruit.
– Vegea, is a plant-based leather obtained from grape waste generated in the wine industry. This material won the H&M Foundation Global Change Award in 2017; since then, many brands have chosen it for their collections.
– Katia Ekos, is a mixed upcycled yarn consisting of 50% recycled cotton and 47% recycled polyester obtained from plastic bottles.

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