Sustainability is an essential word, one of the most important both for our present and for our future Sustainability means – and involves – many things: environment, people, and territory. Above all, at Goretti sustainability means concrete actions.

benefit corporation

In addition to the profit purpose, Benefit Corporations intentionally pursue one or more purposes of common benefit, thus acting according to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility – a new business approach where social progress is integrated in the corporate economic growth.

In December 2021 Goretti decided to become a Benefit Corporation, knowing that in order to go on creating value it is necessary to cultivate “beauty” by acting in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment.

For Goretti, being a benefit corporation means taking on a commitment towards its employees, customers, suppliers, and the whole reference territory. Because only through the synergic and sustainable growth of the whole territory it is possible to generate value in a long-term perspective.


‘Sustainability’ means ‘responsibility towards the environment’: at Goretti, this translates into a constant commitment to reducing the company’s environmental impact through targeted strategies and initiatives and a steady improvement of production processes.

This green transition goes hand in hand with the digital one, since these two transformations are deeply connected: making companies more innovative through new technologies also implies making them more sustainable. Thus, along with the digitalisation of company processes and the implementation of machinery 4.0 (which are not only highly technological, but also highly sustainable), Goretti also takes actions to enhance its environmental sustainability and reduce its emissions.

Investments in electric mobility, sustainable packaging and office supplies, a growing production and use of renewable energy thanks to photovoltaic plants and the use of certified ecological materials are only some of Goretti’s initiatives for sustainability. The use of certified ecological materials is made possible by a very careful research and selection of new, innovative and sustainable materials which are highly eco-friendly, beautiful and functional at the same time.


‘Sustainability’ means ‘balance’: individual balance in everyone’s life leads to common balance, which is, in turn, the basis for a stimulating and collaborative work environment.

Goretti invests in corporate welfare and takes concrete actions to improve the satisfaction level and the work environment within its young team, planning many initiatives for employees to come together and share meaningful moments. Also, the area where the company is based, with its slow pace of life typical of the province and the green hill landscape of the Marche region, contributes to a better life quality of the people who live and work there.

Goretti sees its People as an essential part of its success: it is in fact from all the people participating in its life, with their passion and dedication, that the company derives its ability to innovate and to pursue excellence.

Code of Ethics

Goretti has developed and adopted its own Code of Ethics, which is an essential part of its Organisation, Management and Control Model.

Our Code of Ethics sets out Guidelines and ethical principles that inspire all the people working for Goretti – both its team and the company’s stakeholders – in carrying out their daily activities.

Our territory and the communities we belong to

Goretti acknowledges and embraces its role within the communities it is part of and therefore works to strengthen its commitment towards these communities by developing specific initiatives and activities to support the local economy. Moreover, the company firmly believes in the high value of education and training and fosters an active exchange with local schools.

With this in mind, the company participates in a great number of local initiatives, such as art, creative, experimental and sport projects in which it collaborates with several local Associations. Furthermore, it also supports local cultural events and collaborates with local schools, recognizing in both local culture and school education valuable propagating forces to spread ethical principles.