Goretti is now a Benefit Corporation


It is not possible to grow alone

In Goretti srl, an innovative SME, we know that to go on creating value it is necessary to cultivate “beauty” by acting in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment. Deciding to become a Benefit Corporation was a necessary strategic choice, because only through the synergic and sustainable growth of the whole territory it is possible to generate value in a long-term perspective. For Goretti, being a Benefit Corporation means taking on a commitment, acknowledging its responsibility towards its employees, customers, suppliers, and the whole reference territory.

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What it means to be a Benefit Corporation

Benefit Corporations are an evolution of the very concept of company, they are the expression of a more advanced paradigm: in addition to the profit purpose, Benefit Corporations include in their corporate object the goal of having a positive impact on the society and the biosphere.

While carrying on their business activity, Benefit Corporations intentionally pursue one or more purposes of common benefit in addition to their profit purpose. By common benefit is meant the pursuit of one or more positive effects – which can also be achieved by reducing negative effects ​​- on people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social heritage and activities, entities, associations, and other stakeholders. We will keep you informed about our upcoming Benefit activities.

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