People and techniques: Episode 1, Embroidery and sewing

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Founded in the late 1970s, Goretti boasts a long and solid tradition, which is renewed in every season and with every collection, allowing the company to keep being at the forefront of the ever changing fashion industry.

What distinguishes us is the wide variety of techniques that we can offer as well as create and design together with all the company partners of our network (Artelier, Mabel, Deadema), achieving a perfect balance between shared inspiration and autonomous creation.

This rich and nuanced variety is shown in the 8 categories listed in the ‘Techniques’ section of our website which represent the very essence of our company.

People and techniques: Goretti’s hands

A new series of stories to get you to know even better the world made of superb craftsmanship and precise technology of the people working for Goretti.

Every technique is characterised by its own complexity and features which make it fascinating. We would like to dedicate an episode of this newsletter series to each one of them, to let you gradually explore the know-how, expertise and human side of the different departments that, day by day, work together to give life to wonderful creations.

This newsletter series will introduce you to Goretti’s hands, guiding you through the stories of the people who work and collaborate on our applications and revealing you the valuable role they play in the realisation of Goretti’s techniques. Each episode will host two members of our team – one from the pattern department and one from production -, who will tell you about a specific technique.

Therefore, we’re excited to introduce you to the beating heart of our pattern department: that’s the space where expert technicians passionately give life to innovative projects and build the basis upon which every creation is shaped. The pattern department constantly cooperates with the production team, which receives the patterns and gives a tangible shape to the application designed by pattern makers.

Embroidery and sewing with Emilia and Francesca

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Our first episode focuses on ‘Embroidery and sewing’. Deriving from an ancient art, these techniques have significantly evolved over time, leading to the development of the current machine sewing and automated sewing, which now add to the traditional hand embroidery and sewing.

The protagonists of this first meeting are Francesca, a pattern maker, and Emilia, the main reference point for sewing in the company. Together, they develop panels and customers’ projects.

With them, and thanks to their valuable contribution, we now start sharing the working experience of the people embodying Goretti’s hands and soul. And we do so by means of an exclusive interview.


Pattern Maker

Francesca, tell us about your work process. Where do you start from and how do you develop the applications? Tell us how they come to life! 
First, I receive the order from our sales office. Then, I design the graphic which will be sent to the customer for approval. Once the graphic is approved, the work is carried out through different stages. 

How long have you been working at Goretti?
Almost 18 years.

What’s the most frequent request you receive from Emilia?
Emilia and I discuss and decide how to realise the application. For example, we decide which type and size of punching we will use.

What fascinates you the most about sewing?
Every project we realise is fascinating in its own way and there’s always something new to learn. That’s exactly what I like about my job!


Production Team

Emilia, tell us about your work process. Where do you start from and how do you come to the final result?
Sometimes I have to rework the test sample we receive from our customer, whereas sometimes I plan with Francesca the different production stages. For example, we begin with the punching process needed to position rhinestones, followed by hand sewing and, in the end, we proceed with the final checks. On other occasions I need to work out the best solution to achieve the highest quality in the shortest time possible.

How long have you been sewing?
I have been machine sewing since 1975, when I started working. Before joining Goretti, I used to tailor clothes. As for hand sewing, I started when I joined Goretti.

And how long have you been working at Goretti?
For 33 years.

What do you appreciate the most about working at Goretti and for fashion industry?
The satisfaction I feel when I see our applications on the final clothing items during runway shows! That feeling motivates me to hone my technique, allowing me to grow both personally and professionally.

Who taught you to sew? 
I learnt machine sewing when I started working in a factory. As for hand sewing, it was my mother who introduced me to that. Then, I progressed by myself, also with the help of some tutorials.

What is the weirdest application that Francesca ever asked you to realise? And which is the one she needs more often?
Rather than weird, the applications she asks me to realise are never the same and are sometimes challenging. She asks me to realise her patterns and every now and then she reaches out to get advice on the various stages to follow and the different ways of realising the applications depending on the materials to be used.

What fascinates you the most about sewing?
The chance to constantly create new solutions to meet the customers’ and the pattern makers’ needs. Feeling that I succeeded in achieving the result by doing a good job.

Francesca’s and Emilia’s words reflect their experience, the challenges they have been facing for years in their daily tasks at Goretti and the passion driving their work. Emilia and Francesca, with dedication and perseverance, exercise the ancient art of embroidery and sewing, making use of their vast knowledge. Together, step by step, they bring every little detail to life, with extreme accuracy.

Hands and technology meet to create increasingly rich and versatile embroideries and sewing applications

Embroidery and sewing require expert hands, able to give life to all the shapes and ideas imagined by our customers. Nowadays the peculiarity of every technique, as well as accuracy and attention to details, is enhanced in specific contexts by using machine sewing, which makes the process more versatile and fast. Thanks to automated sewing, we are able to leave more room for creativity and to work on different substrates at the same time. For example, we can sew zig-zag embroideries and stitches or curved lines.

Every embroidery, every stitching and every technique used reflect Goretti’s commitment towards handcraft perfection and innovation in the field of fashion applications.

If you would like to check out the applications we realise through embroidery and sewing techniques, reach out to us!

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