Let’s celebrate the coming of the holidays: we are grateful for the closing year and excited for the one to come

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The holidays are just around the corner and the year 2023 is coming to an end: in this special time, at Goretti we are happy to look back at the past months and celebrate the important steps we have taken – also together with you.

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Our end-of-year review shows a shared path towards an exciting growth which we are proud of!

We are deeply grateful for the valuable projects we have been carrying out, the meaningful goals we have reached and the precious relationships we have woven: this year has been full of innovationchanges and events which kept our work on the track towards a virtuous development.

Our deep thank you goes to you: with your essential presence, you have contributed to supporting the determined and brave evolution of the Goretti world and you have helped us in collecting numerous results which, all together, paint a beautiful picture of this 2023.

Let’s look back together at the most meaningful and exciting milestones of 2023:

•   We published our first Sustainability Report, which demonstrates our commitment to integrate productivity with social and environmental responsibility;

•   We discovered and told stories of extraordinary people from our territory: fascinating lives which turned into a source of inspiration for the collections that we presented at the February and September exhibitions;

•   We contributed to protect the beauty around us: thanks to the Art Bonus initiative, we participate in the conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage of Serra de’ Conti, our home village;

•   Our headquarters have become bigger: we opened a new plant which joined the two already existing operating facilities and reinforces our commitment to make innovation meet sustainability;

•   We turned trust into concrete moments of shared celebration for all the people who constitute the beating heart of our activity: the “Mani Ribelli” (Rebellious Hands) event, the summer dinner and the new plant opening ceremony.

Speaking of celebrating, we will soon have the occasion to come together again in another celebration in full Goretti-style: the Christmas Dinner!


As in the past years, we are going to meet again all the people making up our network in a festive dinner: this evening, December 22nd, we will welcome our employeescollaborators and guests in Villa Honorata, our wonderful second home, to wish each other happy holidays in a joyful atmosphere.

Together, we will enjoy good foodmusic and dances. But that’s not all, because, as in the past years, we will once again promote an initiative we really cherish, an occasion to play together and help other people: the Christmas Charity Lottery. The whole Goretti community will take part in it and the profits will this time be donated to ‘Il Giardino dei Bucaneve’ (The Snowdrop Garden), an association in Serra de’ Conti dedicated to supporting disabled young people.

Proud of the results we have achieved and aware of their value, we now look with a joyful spirit at the months ahead, with confidence and determination: we are ready to welcome the new year with new ideasthrilling projects and a renewed will to reach other exciting goals.

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We have already many news to tell and can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, we can reveal you that we will start 2024 with a new corporate image, more in line with what Goretti has become.

So, see you in 2024: from 3rd January we will be back at your disposal to take care of your needs – happy, as always, to surprise you with our stories. Keep reading us!

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To you all, we send our warmest wishes: may this festive season be filled with peace and special moments for you to share in joy!

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