The new Goretti website: a better space to tell you about our evolution and all our services

Fashion moves fast, and Goretti keeps evolving with it: we constantly strive to tell you about all our innovation-driven initiatives and we do so in this blog. In 2023, we worked hard to shape a new perspective for our image as well, one that could echo Goretti’s inner drive towards constant evolution.

Our new digital space, which we have just opened, was conceived with all of you in mind: to offer you an even more engaging and user-friendly experience, with even more interesting content.

Every aspect of the user experience has been designed to echo Goretti’s nature: the animations and the interface with its geometrical and contemporary graphic design portray the company’s continuous quest for innovation and its dynamism, while the clear and smooth navigation mirrors its welcoming and open nature.

Hands and technology: how to translate them into communication

The word pair ‘hands’ and ‘technology’ – which today best embodies the two main aspects of Goretti’s nature – finds its symbolic representation in the new image, also in its graphics.

The technological side of the company – the one more related to innovative business processes – is represented by neat geometrical patterns and black/white contrasts. On the other hand, the most human-related and joyful side is entrusted to a pastel shades palette and to the many intense and vibrant pictures.

Our content aims at introducing you deeply into our world, and seeks to explain it without being boring and sharing with you our evolution, our work and the things we cherish the most.

The company’s story and its techniques - in every detail

Here you can explore our authentic nature in all its aspects: our techniques, our team’s skills, our attention to sustainability through tangible actions, our desire to work as a team not only with our network partners, but also with the institutions and communities of our home territory

In particular, in the technique section you can navigate through the various technique categories we deliver: you can explore them one by one to get to their heart and their outcomes. Each technique is marked by a different pattern and colour and are all easily accessible from a handy menu on top of the page, which will help you navigate the section. And we must also mention the possible integrations with the various techniques carried out by the company partners of our network.

Our blog: a window on our evolution and on the things we cherish the most

The blog is an important part of our new website: it works as a valuable archive that records the story of our evolution over the years and is divided into topic sections to easily find what you are most interested in.

Explore our website: follow your curiosity










To keep up with the company’s growth and our renewed image, Goretti’s logo was also redesigned to suit the needs of the times we are living in.

While preserving the distinctive traits of the past, its renewed design fits the present and reflects what we have become. The new logo is more suitable to its various new uses, both inside and outside the digital space – yet, it still preserves our core identity: our history walks beside us in the present and, like our techniques, everything is renewed, while always keeping strong roots in our past and tradition. 

Our warmest thank you goes to...

A special thank you goes to all the collaborators who helped us realize this new project dedicated to all the people wishing to visit us, in our headquarters or just virtually:

Creative direction, UX and UI design: KEI KEI STUDIO
Animations: Demetrio Mancini
Copywriting: Marco Livi Copy & Co.
Photo: Livio Fantozzi
Web Development: Dry Studio

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