“Gatsby’s garden” inspires the new style of products from Lineapelle

Gatsby’s garden

New York, 1922: the age of Jazz and of a crazy and roaring lifestyle. The city is changing rapidly: its rhythm is frantic, the parties more lavish, its morality more liberal, and the restlessness of the new America is vented in Gatsby’s spacious garden.
The search for dandy atmospheres accompanies the moods which inspire the topics for the new season.

It is true that “you cannot repeat the past”; however we can turn back to look ahead, taking on the artisan legacy to enhance its power, make it long-lasting and restyle it in a way which charms and surprises contemporary humans.

Gatsby – eccentric charm

A modern self- made man looking to the future: Gatsby represents the legends and contradictions in the American dream. By the same token, the elements chosen for our collection reflect contrasts and contaminations, creating surprising effects.


The background supports for our processing are traditional and valuable fabrics: warm wools and patterns from tailored garments, alongside colour-changing and luminescent nets and nylons, restyled with cutting-edge technologies.

Herringbonepied-de-poule, pinstriped fabrics which become ideal supports all over, solid or scattered, with electric or acid-coloured strass: these solutions perfectly match the rubberised and chromed finishes on thermo-adhesive foils, which fill spaces with geometric patterns.

Colour-blocking becomes innovation when crystals, placed like gems on paving stones, release strong and intense touches of colour on matt surfaces, reminding us of the always fashionable camel coat.

Unusual colour contrasts emerge when the aged coatings on the studs, ranging from burnished gold to antiqued silver, enrich the matelassé produced on technical materials: the metals, are placed close by, following strict lines and give an eclectic touch to the garments.

Also in the case of inkjet printing, the choice of patterns which remind us of the Orient and its past are presented on nylon foundations and on jeans, resulting in unusual clashes.

Make way for patchworks, with light padding inspired by vintage sofas: studs with leather-effect painting, or reminding us valuable haberdashery buttons, outline the edges of stitching and add a retro flavour to the processing.

Daisy – stylish elegance

Here she is, walking into Gatsby’s garden. Daisy, an icon of beauty, shines in every detail and sinuously dives into the bright lights of the party.


Chroma flash, bi-colour, rainbow-hued finishes for ABS studs which become softer, chasing harmonious lines on warm and enveloping fabrics.

Detailed cashmere patterns, produced through a of thermo-adhesive hides with modern and romantic colours, turn bright, as they are surrounded by the bright shimmer-effect strass and by multifaceted micro-studs.

Also our pearl and stone decorations are feminine and cool, skilfully sewn by hand on unusual materials such as camouflage or lightweight tassels, which create ruches and gentle folds.

Laser cutting with water for floral motifs or micro-piercing, which make the most unusual materials, for example calf hair, softer. The ideal solution for fringes embellished by crystals and for asymmetric effects.

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