‘Flows’ at Lineapelle: the people who give life to the wonder of our creations become the protagonists of those same creations”

It’s always beautiful to return to a place where you felt good. That’s why Goretti once again took part in the Lineapelle exhibition in February 2024. This year, the many people we welcomed at our stand – we are very thankful for the high turnout we registered! – could experience and appreciate something new, something able to join beauty and functionality: our new space!

We wished to make our space more easily accessible for our visitors: therefore, we moved in front of the Trend Area. But mostly we wished a stand whose space and geometry could better evoke the evolution story of Goretti’s network: that’s why we designed a square space. The square embodies and highlights the synergy which unites our companies: from its corner, each company shows its unique excellence, while the shared space in the middle is where hybridisation takes place and collaboration gives life to astonishing products – the result of different techniques joined together.

The days spent at the exhibition were filled with exciting meetings and crossed by flowing information and things: we dived into those countless, lively flows, the same which inspired and named the theme of the collection we presented at the exhibition.

Would you like to see ‘Flows’, the SS collection 2025? We are happy to share all our creations with you: to discover them, just book an appointment.

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With ‘Flows’, we keep giving voice to people, but we reverse our inspiration flow: our creative intention our creative intention – the same which used to tell the stories of our local people – now addresses the people who live the day-to-day routine of our business.

In ‘Flows’, we decided to turn the people which, through their work, give life to the wonder of our creations into the protagonists of those same creations: to celebrate their skills and craftsmanship, together with the genuine diversity of their personalities, which brightens up the communities in our headquarters.
There are so many things flowing in these communities: let’s follow these ‘Flows’ and the thread – so extraordinary, yet simple – that unravels through the repeated, yet changing daily moments inside and outside our plants, where hands and minds work surrounded by a rich network of human connections.

In the new collection, Goretti’s network reveals itself from the inside – through living words and truthful images, with honesty.

The words are those of our employees: they come from their truest thoughts and bring to us all the shades of an intimate experience where work and human connections mingle and weave a delicate weft which nourishes their identity – and ours too –, in the flow of:

GENERATION – people and things which contribute to growth: <<Curiosity>>
SKILLS – life passions: <<Giving a smile>> <<the accordion>>
TOOLS – AT WORK: <<My hands and eyes>>
OBJECTS – from which curiosity arouse: <<The whole company is a wonderful story>>
VOICES – topics discussed at breaks: <<Rhinestones>> <<silence>>
PHRASES – received compliments: <<Thank you!>>
ACTS – the last one of the day: <<I imagine patting myself on the back>>
MUSIC – to cheer up work hours: ≪Elvis Presley≫ ≪Romagna mia≫

To collect all these words, we created a survey: at the beginning, it was just a questionnaire on a colourful piece of paper to be filled in by hand, now it has become an open digital treasure trove that keeps a record of all the answers we received from the people of our communities.

Unusual, wise, curious, funny: so are the words we collected, and that you can discover on the ‘Flows’ page (only in italian), together with the songs playlist shared by Goretti’s network!

The pictures were realised by the Iranian artist Saleh Kazemi: they are the result of an artist residency of a few days inside the company sites, during which the artist dived into the atmosphere of those spaces, moving between work tables and working people, who he then portrayed through his peculiar gaze derived from documentary photography. What we share with the artist is the willingness to bring to light the interesting essence of ordinary life.

Saleh Kazemi travels the world to explore places which seem to have nothing special: poor settings and suspended moments, house rooms, stations and markets full of ordinary people. The same people who, in the details of the artist’s illustrations, come back to life to give you a moment of unexpected wonder.
In the artworks he realised for Goretti, Saleh Kazemi didn’t move from people’s faces, but from details: exceptional routine moments shaped by ever changing, busy hands, everyone with its distinctive traits and surrounded by cherished objects – windows to worlds of personal, exciting uniqueness.

We conceived ‘Flows’ to set the precious gem of ‘our’ people at the heart of inspiration: our happy and deep Thank You! thus becomes stronger than ever, and reaches all those people who made the realisation of the collection possible by accepting to tell their stories through their own words, and letting their stories be told through art.

So thank you to our employees, to the professionals in every department: the creators of the extraordinary beauty of our panels now reveal themselves in the textured narrative and details of those same panels and guide you to explore their professional work where fascinating handcraft and precise technology meet.

Thank you to the network companies, which know both how to share inspiration and be autonomous in the products’ realisation, dancing on a perfect balance which then inspired their portrait in the illustrations:


with its two souls living in harmony side by side: one in the plant of via Fornace, where hands and facilities carry out production; the other in the offices of via Brodolini, whose relationships are told through their objects.


whose soul rests on the harmony of past and present generations living together, joined by working hands which, with their tools and objects, transmit the high value of craftsmanship.


with its quiet, yet surprising soul, mirrored in silent hands as precise as instruments, and in objects revealing many different passions and interests.


with its soul rooted in its local territory and in the joy of sharing, while hands handling instruments fill the air with the notes of accordion music and cheerfulness.

Thank you, finally, to all the people who, from outside the company, contribute to complete the deep beauty of our work: Èstro Lab, which turns every single shade of inspiration into style details for the collection; Kei Kei Studio, which steers art direction towards a design able to translate our tales into enchanting spaces and materials; Silvia Scorcella, who takes care of our texts to dress our stories with words; Saleh Kazemi, whose art has captured the life that flows in our headquarters and portrayed its essence in visual stories.

If the story of our ‘Flows’ arouse your curiosity or if you have specific requests or any other need, please contact us through the ‘Contacts’ page.

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