A journey into the creative heart of Goretti: the synergy between our style studio and pattern department

How does beauty come to life in Goretti's applications?

The answer to this question lies both in the applications we create for new collections and in the custom proposals we develop to meet our customers’ needs.
It’s a unique stream, flowing between enchanting fascinations, in-depth study and complex craftsmanship, where inspiration blossoms in the creativity of an artistic drawing, later transformed by the rigour of technique into the tangible shapes of applications.

We invite you to discover this process in a new exclusive journey. Once again, we draw back the curtain on our ecosystem: this time we will reveal you what happens when the style studio and the pattern department meet, joining the synergy and uniqueness of their respective work.

Let’s then resume our journey from the starting point of Goretti’s creative process: research.
This intense and multi-faceted stage is entrusted to Èstro Lab, our in-house style studio, whose professionals carry out the task embarking on the freest experience possible: a trip. Once back, the information collected is carefully and orderly analysed in a desk research phase. In our previous story we already revealed you how pieces of information and inspirations are collected during and after a trip. But, before going on, we have an interesting heads-up for you! To carry out their research for the new fall/winter 2025-2026 season, Paola and Erica flew to Morocco!

Besides being an extremely fascinating country, Morocco appears among the main destinations suggested by WGSN, an authoritative international portal providing data and meaningful information on fashion trends. Paola and Erica experienced Morocco’s treasures, made of wonderful colours, enchanting traditions, amazing settings, like the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, and verdant landscapes, like the Jardin Majorelle. This treasures and beauty ignited the creative spark of the next collection. 

But now let’s go on and see how inspiration turns into a drawing and then into panels and samples.

The transformation process: from style...

The drawing is the essential tool through which the professionals from Èstro Lab—the beating heart of our creativity—guide Goretti’s style.
The first draft is drawn by hand on paper: inspiration guides the hand of the creative spirit and, as details are progressively added, the drawing turns into a brainstorming tool to generate ideas and find new and innovative solutions.

Basing on the artistic drawing, the style studio selects all the essential elements which will compose and enrich the panel: fabrics and materials, components, colours and nuances to combine, and various techniques to test in order to shape a complete and unique final result.

The draft goes through a meticulous process: various tests and decisions are needed to confirm or change the elements’ position in the initial drawing. Moving from an initial artistic expression, the creative representation evolves, taking a concrete shape thanks to specialised skills. The initial draft becomes a sophisticated illustration thoroughly explaining every detail and accompanied by a precise key including all component and material codes

At this point, the moment has come to pass the baton: new hands will turn the selected options into tangible shapes. the synergy with the pattern department

Now, the illustration containing the ideas to realise and the information needed to do so arrives at the department in charge of the design phase: the professionals from the pattern department faithfully turn the initial artistic drawing into a proper technical illustration.

In order to do so, they rely on high-technology tools: pieces of software like Corel Draw, Adobe programmes, as well as Rhinoceros for 3D creations, which they manage with accuracy and meticulous control.
In this phase, they work according to their inclinations: although all pattern makers share the same excellent cross-sectoral and interchangeable skills, when choosing the tasks to carry out, each professional picks the techniques which are more in line with their talent and personality. Professionals who have more of an artistic touch take care of rhinestone application or of colour combination, whereas those who are more technically talented realise particularly complex panels.

The technical drawing comes to life not only thanks to the team’s expertise and talents, but also through collaboration: along the whole design process, the style studio and the pattern department frequently exchange ideas and opinions. This interchange is essential to decide how to adapt materials and components, and, sometimes, even to find out that the initial drawing needs to be changed in order to achieve together the best possible result.

After this phase, everything is ready for the concrete application to come to life. The production stage starts under the watchful eye of a pattern maker who, step-by-step, will ensure that every little detail of the panel is realised according to the initial drawing. And this is where our story ends, for now. We will explain this accurate and complex phase in one of our next newsletters.

Before saying goodbye, we want to arouse your curiosity by sharing one last information with you: did you know that Goretti has devoted an entire department to sample realisation? Its team is made up by professionals specialised in customisation and sample creation

Thanks to the synergy between the style studio, the pattern department, the production department and the sample department, artistic, technical and operational skills can combine to offer our customers proposals which are perfectly in line with their needs and surprise them with our amazing creations.

The new collection is coming

We are working on our fall/winter 2025-2026 collection. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the next trade shows to reveal you our next theme and get you to know our new creations!

Keep reading us to receive updates on the next events we will take part in, when they will take place and where to find us. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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