Goretti paves the way for New Imaginative Possibilities


Thanks to the partnership with l’altra fedora (an independent festival of performing and visual arts in houses, gardens and private venues in the Marche region), Goretti has opened the company gates to creative artisans from all over Italy, by organizing a workshop on “Luxury Packaging”  with an Upcycling laboratory involving two full-day training sessions on 13 July and 20 July in Serra de’ Conti (AN).

The workshop on “Luxury Packaging”

This workshop, organised with Chiara Pierucci from Kei Kei Studio, in partnership with the company Emar (which has made available some of its boxes for the project), and supported by the company MICAMA, has given participants the opportunity to produce 11 prototypes for luxury packaging, by processing leather and fabrics with cuts and stud or strass applications. An in-house panel then selected three of the most interesting projects, thus giving the shortlisted young designers a chance to pursue the project through a paid internship.

Behind the stage 

The idea of the workshop came from a vision in common with l’altra fedora: on the one hand this festival is an open interpretation of a private space, such as the house, a sort of domestic venue for performance, where everyone stages something about themselves, on the other side the workshop becomes a practical representation of this vision, involving the company in new suggestions. During the two days of training this open approach resulted in an exhibition open to the public hosted on our premises, and a company tour, giving visitors a glimpse of our production department from behind the stage.

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