Goretti partner in the “Manifesto Artigiano” project


“Manifesto Artigiano” is a project resulting from the partnership between the company and local cultural organisations: Mataterra (a project designed and drafted by the team of the Ex Frantoio – Tivittori association); it ranked first in the list for the “OrienTalenti” tender by the Marche Regional Government, and l’altra fedora; it is the Event and women’s cultural project which this year brought to Goretti the second Workshop after Luxury Packaging.

The Workshop called “Manifesto Artigiano” has made it possible for young creative minds to design an artistic poster from inside the company, using the materials and machinery we have available.

It was also an opportunity to open our doors to the public and to showcase Goretti through a company tour which allowed young people to see hands at work, processing, cutting, applications.


We started from the projects of the young participants and created four artistic posters which were displayed in the premises of Osteria 101 (bar and popular meeting place in Serra de’ Conti) until Sunday 23 June, describing the suggestions of our territory and its connections with our company.


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