In 2019 we introduced to you several new technologies used by our company, for example bridge with Vision system and Print with UV Led technology. Also in 2019, Goretti received an important award as  Innovative PMI, and we told you all about the expansion of spaces at our headquarters, with the reception room and the new modelling department, then – more recently – the classroom and common room.

To inaugurate the new year, there is another important novelty in the Goretti range, as part of its in-house consulting services already successfully tested for technical assistance and modelling. Starting this year, two new consulting sectors will be available, resulting from synergy and collaboration between our company and external professionals to help us deliver the best technical and creative solutions for our customers. The goal of this service is to boost the research and development sector, thanks to the high specialization of the actors involved and to the strong synergies in terms of know-how, focusing on two macro-areas:
consulting on style and materials and consulting for research and inspirations.

Novelties do not end here, though: a few months ago we also started working backstage on the implementation of an innovative project developed in-house by Goretti. A result of constant research and also of fortunate synergies with professionals who – over time – have also become our Partners, it is a project of which we are very proud. We shall say no more for now, but you will be kept posted with the next articles, with information about the persons involved and details of the project.

We look forward to telling you all about it!