Goretti invests in the training of its staff in order to respond in an efficient and precise manner to its customers’ needs.

Thanks to consulting by Italian Fashion Engineering and its employees, all departments have been involved in a seminar on plating processes and plants of a static and barrel type.

The sessions were dedicated to standards, definitions of quality and tests related toproducts used for finished items by fashion houses, for example shoes, bags and clothing.

Plating treatments allow for coating a metal or plastic item with a more valuable metal (e.g. silver, white bronze, brass, copper, gold, nickel, etc.), thus restyling its components from an aesthetic and functional perspective, making them last longer and improving their performance.

Plating treatments are based on electrochemical depositions of a thin layer of a metal or alloy which change the surface properties of the support from both a technical and aesthetic perspective.

Treatments are of a technical type when their main purpose of electro-deposition isprotecting against corrosion and oxidation those materials which would otherwise quickly deteriorate in contact with air and humidity, for example iron or copper; on the other hand they are of a decorative type when they add to an item’s surface properties, thus making it an artistic and design element (however, also decorative finishing helps protect materials against ageing).