Goretti has extended its company premises, thanks to a modern organisation layout and to the new shed, completed this year.
the first space we would like to introduce is a stylish 200 square metre open space, on the first floor. It includes two connecting offices: the pattern making department and one smaller room used mainly to welcome customers and suppliers and for in-house briefing, with tables, chairs and projector.

The pattern-making department is in charge of preparing drawings based on customers’ requests. The staff in this office has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, which is why they are able to create and test innovative solutions for customers. The drafts are produced using the CorelDraw graphics software, the CAD-CAM ElitronCAD specific software for footwear and the Rhinoceros software for 3D models.
The pattern making department draws the holes, the engravings or just the distribution of strass to be sent to the machinery and which will be the basis for our processing.