Goretti has chosen as Partner Èstro Lab: a Fashion Product Consulting firm, specialised in research on materials, style and trends.

The goal is to offer Goretti customers a consulting service dedicated in particular to product and style offices of fashion brands, in order to design the end product, paying the utmost attention to research and details. Striking the right balance between creativity and rationality can be complex; creativity needs filtering: designing a good product is not enough, it should also be feasible. Èstro Lab combines the technical and production expertise necessary to solve problems, in terms for example of material and processing selections, also based on costs and technical limitations, or of organising production.

The team works in close contact with Goretti, offering an outside and refreshing perspective to support and reduce the work of in-house offices of fashion brands, in search of qualified professionals who can follow the whole procedure: from research to product manufacturing, interpreting topics and always focusing on stylishness and new trends.

Èstro Lab is also a Partner in the special project Made in Goretti which we will unveil in April with the last special newsletter, where we will also tell you about the connections intertwining and weaving our new creative project.