Goretti is evolving for you.

Greater production capacity and a completely new image.

Goretti, your partner for fashion and footwear trims, is constantly evolving to support you at all times. In the past year we have expanded our head office and increased our production capacity through the purchase of new machinery. To be ready to give satisfactory and speedy responses to the increasingly demanding needs of the market.


To demonstrate this greater and constant impetus for innovation, we’ve created a completely new corporate image: a new logo, a new payoff, a new coordinated image and new communication tools.

Goretti, high tech hands.

This short payoff sums up the essence of our philosophy. The hands of each of our collaborators marry high technology to craftsmanship through the use of the high performance, precision machines we are equipped with.

The new logo: the two sides of Goretti’s soul under one unifying symbol.

The new Goretti logo has been designed using Raleway, an elegant sans-serif font. The thin gap through the middle, while leaving the wording complete, splits the logo in two, a bit like the soul of the company that embraces two opposing aspects, the craftsman’s hands and high technology, that work simultaneously and in parallel to create the whole.

The black and white of an essential image: a stylish choice.

The choice of black and white and the essential character of the image make communication simple and elegant, suitable for the company’s new audience. In addition, chromatic contrast emphasizes the colors and richness of Goretti‘s products

Goretti’s workmanship is at the center of the new image: it is the overwhelming strength of our production and we wanted to give it it’s due.

Each type of work has a separate visual identity, each is represented by a different geometric design.

The way to create a small handbook that makes each type of work and product, in all its complexity, craftsmanship and technology, easily identifiable and instantly recognizable.

The new website: elegance and clarity of communication.

To answer the need for clear and immediate communication, we have completely renewed our website, with sufficient detail to make even the most technical phases easy to understand.


Printed images and photographs. The essence of Goretti comes to life.

For the printed image, particular attention has been given to the use of a slightly rough and natural textured paper, which recalls the nature of the materials used by the company, while the glossy, embossed logo brings to mind the glistening trims for which Goretti is known and loved.

The new photographic images, shot specially for the occasion, perfectly capture the details of both the materials and the workmanship, making products appear like precious jewels.

Goretti: a completely new image and enhanced production capacity, ever better to meet the needs of the market.

In keeping with our philosophy, craftsman’s hands and high technology are always at your service.

Art Direction / Graphic Design: Chiara Pierucci (KEI KEI Studio)
Copywriting / Branding: Marco Livi (marcolivicopy&co.)
Photo: Livio Fantozzi
Web Development: Luigi Rossetti (RedLab)