With Goretti as your partner for footwear and fashion trims, your new collections come sailing in.
Imagine a large ship coming into port. Its size does not allow for the slightest margin of error, there is a deadline to meet and it has very little room for manoeuvre. Goretti’s “high-tech hands” are like those of an experienced harbour pilot helping clients with decorative techniques and fashion trims navigating the delicate passages related to the development of new collections and new products.
Any decorative technique can lead to “bottle-necks” and “the shallows” but our clients have to concentrate on the bigger picture, navigating a straight course to their destination without wasting time.
This is why we consider ourselves our clients’ partners. They choose and appreciate us for our commitment to provide them with total support, top quality and attention to detail, in the shortest possible time. An ideal combination of craftsmanship and high technology.


From small artisan workshop to industrial fashion trim company, with the same craftsmanship as ever.
Once upon a time there was a little workshop. Today Goretti’s industrial production capacity and its ability to meet the needs of large brands, have their roots in a small craft workshop founded by Sergio Papi and Elvira Goretti in the late 1970s, in the then bustling Marche footwear district of Serra de’ Conti, a real melting pot of artisan skills and decorative techniques. Since those days, the extremely high quality of every single item, has remained unaltered.
By transforming the crises that have periodically hit the sector into opportunities, Goretti has, each time, managed to expand its range, moving from regional to national and international markets. It has made itself heard, via positive word of mouth, by the most highly qualified professionals in the sector and through its constant presence at all the most important trade fairs. Today the company which started with very few workers now permanently employs more than 40 highly trained people, a number that can reach up to 90 in peak production periods. Step by step, day after day, we make our way forward through the glistening streets of fashion, side by side with our customers, on their path to success.