Our Hands

Every one of our employees has precious added value: ability, enthusiasm and creativity. In a highly complex industry such as fashion, human capacity is still at the heart of everything. It is our hands, our sensitivity, our ability and enthusiasm that makes all the difference. At Goretti the precious added value of every employee continues to grow by drawing on the vast heritage of craftsmanship and industrial know-how built up by the company over 40 years of business. All those who work for us also understand the entire production cycle because their know-how reaches far beyond the realm of fashion trims and decorative techniques. They also attend training courses in shoemaking and leatherwork.Our creative team is always up to date with the latest trends and is happy to do research for and give advice to clients. We promise that those who trust in Goretti are in truly safe hands.


The latest technology for the highest quality.At Goretti the latest technology is the precision instrument which supports and strengthens the hands of the craftsman, raising production capacity to an industrial level. To launch itself into the future of an evermore dynamic sector such as fashion, which demands ever greater flexibility and ever shorter time-frames, Goretti has taken the fundamental evolutionary step of constantly investing in the latest technology covering a wide range of decorative techniques. We are at the forefront of experimention into 3D printing and have acquired new machines for laser and water cutting. CNC machines allow us to execute the different techniques which we offer our clients in large quantities and with the utmost precision. A brilliant blend of manual know-how and technological capability.


Industrial capacity with the workmanship of a craftsman, made in Italy with 100% quality control. Goretti: painstaking attention to quality by true craftsmen, industrial production capacity, the organizational skills required to meet the most complex needs of major fashion brands. Thanks to the careful industrialization of every step of the production process, together with our clients we can plan a detailed production schedule within the shortest possible time-frame. Speed and quality: our production is 100% made in Italy, and almost everything is manufactured in-house. The quality control of every single piece is rigourous. Precision is extreme, reaching the limit of the machines’ capability on such naturally variable materials as leather. And where the pinpoint precision of machinery cannot reach, the craftsmanship of our employees comes into play. We always and only aim for perfection.

Customer advice

Fashion trims and decorative techniques made to measure for each and every client. Customized products, creative and manufacturing solutions. The aspect which we invest in the most is customer advice. Starting from the patterns and design ideas, possible combinations of decorative techniques and fashion trims are practically endless. Goretti’s focus has always been on its readiness to respond to the needs of its clients in terms of timing, customization and extremely high quality. Thanks to our comprehensive know-how in this field, we can assist our clients in their search for creative and manufacturing solutions, lightening the load of often very complex problems they find on their shoulders. A brilliant, increasingly appreciated partnership evermore in demand from our clients.